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Jeroen Achtien

He is currently one of the most creative young chefs in Switzerland.

Since spring 2018, Jeroen Achtien has been head chef at Sens in the Vitznauerhof on Lake Lucerne. The innovative culinary artist has been awarded 17 GaultMillau points, named GaultMillau's newcomer of the year for German-speaking Switzerland in 2019, and has been honored with his second Michelin star in 2021.

It´s all about fermentation. But not only fermentation, also some crazy other cool stuff. Jeroen Achtien will show you unique techniques in his Chef Session.

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Jeroen Achtien´s


Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of gourmet chef Jeroen and let yourself be inspired by wonderful dishes, his story and recipes.

01 / Intro

03:31 min

Fermentation is getting a bigger and bigger topic. Not only in gastronomy.

Fermentation is also fun at home.

Jeroen Achtien will give you an insight into the topic.

02 / Fermented Beetroot Juice

14:46 min

To start with, Jeroen Achtien will introduce you to the topic of fermentation and explain a few things about it.

At the beginning he will ferment a beetroot juice with you.

03 / Beetroot Sauce

12:46 min

Now Jeroen Achtien will show you what you can do with the fermented beetroot juice.

He will show you how to make a delicious beetroot sauce from the juice.

04 / Fermented Tomato

05:53 min

The next one is an other fermentation technique. Jeroen shows you "Lacto fermentation" with tomatoes.

No worries, it has nothing to do with lactose or milk.

Later you will need this fermentation for the tomato sauce.

05 / Tomato Bouillon

05:58 min

Now we are going to make a delicious tomato bouillon from fresh tomatoes and other ingredients.

You will be surprised at the end and love it.
This one you will also need for the tomato sauce, which we are going to cook in the next video.

06 / Tomato Sauce

04:37 min

Finally, Jeroen Achtien will show you how to make a tomato sauce from the fermented tomato and the bouillon.

It sounds a bit complicated, but in this video you will learn that it works quite simply.

07 / Kombucha

12:58 min

What is Kombucha?

It is made with the so-called tea and Kombucha mushroom, a gelatinous mass containing a mixture of various bacteria and yeasts.

The Kombucha mushroom is also called SCOBY ("symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast").

08 / Kombucha Ceviche

03:08 min

Be surprised what you can do with Kombucha.

Jeroen Achtien will explain you in this video how to make a Ceviche with Kombucha.

09 / Big Green Egg Explanation

03:18 min

In this video Jeroen Achtien explains you how to handle a Big Green Egg and get the best BBQ result.

10 / Puffed Beet Root

08:45 min

Grilling beetroot? Hmmm? Now it's getting crazy but simple at the same time.

The result will more than surprise you.

11 / Celeriac Creme

14:32 min

Celeriac and curcuma. Now it's getting colorful.

Jeroen Achtien will show you how to cook easily a delicious celeriac creme.

12 / Cashew Nuts

04:15 min

In this Video Jeroen Achtien shows you how you can give normal nuts a little bit more pep.

13 / Sweet and Sour Tomatos


Tomatoes pickling made easy. In this session, Jeroen Achtien shows you how you can easily pickle tomatoes and give them that certain kick.

14 / Lime Leave Creme

11:19 min

Who does not like the taste of lime. Not only from the juice you can make something delicious.

In this video Jeroen Achtien will show you how to use lime leaves for a delicious creme.

15 / Saibling

10:08 min

Jeroen Achtien shows you how easy it is to fillet a fish and to marinade Saibling Eggs.

You only have to follow some simple rules.

16 / Grilled Pak Choi

05:36 min

Grilling Pak Choi? YES. With some easy tricks you can make something really special. Follow Jeroen Achtien's instructions in this video and you will love it.

17 / Langoustine

08:31 min

Many people have probably already asked themselves this question. How can I peel these ones?

It is not that difficult. Jeroen Achtien will show you exactly what to consider and how to handle this valuable product.

18 / Mango Papaya Salad

12:14 min

Now it gets exotic. Mango papaya salad not only sounds good, it also tastes really good.

Jeroen Achtien will show you how to make a delicious dressing for this exotic salad.

19 / Mole Blood Sauce

10:02 min

Sounds very strange at first. Blood in a sauce?

Yes, Jeroen Achtien will show you how it works and what to focus on to get something really tasty.

20 / Plating Saibling and Tomato

06:36 min

We finished all preparations for this dish. You will need:

  • Tomato Sauce

  • Saibling and Eggs

  • Lime Leave Creme

  • Sweet and Sour Tomatoes

21 / Plating Kombucha Dish

03:15 min

We finished all preparations for this dish. You will need:

  • Langoustines precooked in Kombucha

  • Mango Papaya Salad

  • Grilled Pak Choi

  • Mole Blood Sauce

22 / Plating Beetroot Dish

06:15 min

We finished all preparations for this dish. You will need:

  • Fermented Beetroot Sauce

  • Puffed Beetroot

  • Celeriac Creme

  • Cashew Nuts